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What your child’s school nurse wish you knew

I'm learning to settle into my new role as a school nurse. It's been an adjustment beyond adjustments. But so very, very worth it. Although, as I continue on I recognize a large disconnect. While autonomous, freeing, and incomparable it is also an isolating and publicly misunderstood role for a nurse. Here's what your child's… Continue reading What your child’s school nurse wish you knew

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The Space Between the Bones

Over the past year and it's many transitions I have both risen and fallen with the sun and one persistent, overwhelming thought: Who AM I and what was I CREATED for? A thought so perplexing, nagging, and intrusive that I constantly felt weighed down by the mistrust in my own answers. One of the hardest… Continue reading The Space Between the Bones

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What do you do?

In the midst of my mid-life crisis and career transition, I have found myself at a crossroad or two. I struggled with my transition away from the hospital not only from the time that I chose to leave it, but from the moment I entered it. I knew from the beginning that my professional longings… Continue reading What do you do?