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Don’t let the ugly in others kill the beauty in you

I am tired.

Really, really tired.

I am tired of the hateful balance of skepticism and narcissism in society.

I am tired of the emotional desensitization that has come with highlighting gruesome rampages on media – to be remembered and prayed about on Twitter for a whole two hours.

I am tired of more awareness unfolding into a screen, than into the people and places surrounding our physical presence.

I am tired of the title “internet troll”, and the fact that someone who spreads painful messages into a comment box actually has any form of well-known identity at all.

I am tired of Control Alt Delete. What is said is said, what is done is done, and YES it affects others.

I am tired of the social anxiety that comes with disagreement, and the preconceived notion that disagreement more directly correlates with “to argue” than “to grow”. How can we possibly LEARN if we live in a constant, absorptive state of agreement?

I am tired of the close-minded assumption that there is one way to live – one religious belief, one political standing, one attuned cultural variation. That ONE person cannot embody MANY.

I am tired of the angry verbal and physical tendencies that unfold with honest mistakes. Enlighten me with a time you got flipped off on the highway and felt resolved.

I am tired of career and income having higher value than time, health, experiences, and relationships.

I am tired of humans treating other humans like garbage day in and day out, and that it’s become both EXPECTED and ACCEPTABLE. 

One more time for the homies in the back.

I am tired of humans treating other humans like garbage day in and day out, and that it’s become both EXPECTED and ACCEPTABLE.

I was sitting on the couch this weekend curled up with my cats doing some zen adult coloring because by the weeks end I was TIRED, when an extended family member of mine shared this:

ugly in others

I don’t think I could have stumbled across it at a more perfect time.

Because, yes, I am so tired. But if I’m being honest, being tired doesn’t change one single thing. It doesn’t make others speak kindly. It doesn’t create a space for free expression and healthy disagreement. It doesn’t mist the air we breathe with patience and gratitude. It doesn’t help anything at all, really.

Being tired allows me to be just that- TIRED. And angry, and worried, and sad. In other words, my exhaustion leaves me bitter and submissive to the way things are.

I think maybe everyone has gotten tired of the ugly in others, so instead of deflecting the ugly we reflect the ugly. And in that moment, we lose all of our beauty. Pore by pore, it navigates out of our being with each inch of ugly we reflect.

The ONLY way change occurs is if we steal back our beauty. Our beauty is ripe with knowledge and compassion. It has been woven with each unique trait, each unique experience, each unique perception of our waking moments. There is NOT A DANG THING like it.

And the best part? If we reflect instead of deflect beauty, just as we do ugly, take some time to imagine what the world could mirror.

The world needs my beauty, not my ugly. The world needs your beauty, not your ugly.

But you will have to work for it. Because even when you are your most beautiful self, the ugliest of another is still knocking on your front door. It always will. (Not talking to you Papa Johns, you’re beautiful)

It’s not easy. But easy is boring.


Here’s some other people that got TIRED, too, and every moment of every day work to deflect ugly with beauty. Need some inspiration to let your own distinct self light the world on fire?

Splash has provided safe drinking water to 82,367 orphanages, 322,725 schools, 24,563 hospitals, and 5,491 shelters in Nepal, China, India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam.

World Wildlife Fund works diligently every day to protect forests, oceans, fresh water supply, food supply, wildlife, and the climate in over 100 countries globally from the many threats to life on Earth.

Women for Women International works to achieve gender equality, end poverty, create peaceful and inclusive societies, ensure healthy lives, allow quality education for all, end hunger, and secure economic growth through serving 447,000 women in 8 conflict-affected countries. They work to empower women in some of the most difficult and dangerous places to be a woman.

In one year nearly 800,000 animals are killed in shelters because they don’t have a place to call home. Best Friends Animal Society is working actively everyday to create a No-Kill America by 2025, and has since saved 4.1 million cats and dogs from both death and homelessness.

Don’t let the ugly in others kill the beauty in you. It just might save the world one day. 


Light & Love.





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